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Welcome to the website of the Sutton & District Bowling Association (S&DBA)

If you are a member of a club affiliated to the S&DBA please read the notices on the 'News' page.


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Objectives and Eligibility
The objectives of the S&DBA are to foster the spirit of friendly rivalry amongst the members of clubs in the S&DBA, and to further and promote the sport of Lawn Bowls by arranging competitions and friendly matches with affiliated and other clubs and associations.
Membership of the Sutton & District Bowling Association (S&DBA) is open to outdoor Lawn Bowls clubs affiliated to the Surrey County Bowling Association, and whose greens are located within a 7 mile radius of Sutton Rail Station.   The area of the circle on the map below shows the geographical coverage of the S&DBA.


About Us
We run a full programme of year-round Indoor and Outdoor friendly matches and 6 very competitive Outdoor Competitions for our affiliated clubs.  Additionally, starting in 2016 we are acting as custodians of the Men's and Ladies' Past Times Trophy competitions for affiliated and non-affiliated clubs and which will be run separately from the S&DBA competitions - click here to visit the dedicated Past Times page on this website.
Club affiliation
has the great benefit of enabling club members to play as often or as little as they want by entering our competitions and/or playing in our friendly matches and does not commit a club to a possibly unwanted hectic programme of league matches because we don't run any leagues.  To learn about our competitions please visit our 'Competitions' page on this site.
The S&DBA warmly invites applications for membership from bowls clubs within its catchment area who share our objectives and are interested in participating in our activities described on this website.


Affiliated Club Membership
For clubs wishing to become a S&DBA affiliated member club
and participate in our activities please click on the title of the following document title to view, download and print the Application Form :


Individual Associate Membership
Subscribing bowling members of bowls clubs not affiliated to the S&DBA may become individual Associate Members of the S&DBA.  Please refer to the requirements of Section 4. of the Constitution and Rules posted on this website.
Please note that Individual Associate Members are eligible and welcome to play for the S&DBA in our friendly matches but are not eligible to enter the S&DBA competitions which are restricted to subscribing members of S&DBA affiliated clubs only.


Affiliated Club Locations
The location of all clubs currently affiliated to the S&DBA are shown on the interactive map below within the circled catchment area based on a 7 mile radius centred on Sutton Rail Station.

Hover your mouse curser over each pin marker on the map to view the club name and
single click the pin marker to view the club details.  Alternatively, single click on the club name in the list of member clubs.  Use the 'ladder' tool in the upper left-hand side of the map to zoom-in (+) or zoom-out (-), and the directional arrows to move the map up, down, left, or right.  Repeated pressing of the zoom-in tool (+) will progressively magnify the map to show you the precise location of a particular club as long as you keep that club's marker centred in the map before each press of the zoom-in tool.
Internet links to member clubs with their own websites are listed on the 'Web Links' page.