The Past Times Men's and Ladies outdoor competitions are the successors to those originally run for several years by the Times Herald newspaper. A brief history of the competitions can be viewed by clicking here.
We have undertaken to act as custodians of these popular competitions and continue the excellent work previously carried out by Mike & Jean Colvin.  The format of both competitions remains unchanged and the nett proceeds from the competition entry fees will continue to be donated each season to a worthwhile UK-focused charity which will be nominated at the start of each season.  In the years 2016 to 2018 we donated over £1000 to locally focused charities.
Both competitions will retain their unique 'Past Times' identity and will not be governed by the Constitution and Rules of the S&DBA.  Rather, they will be run in accordance with their own Rules which are published below on this page. They will also retain their own Finals Day on which the Men's and Ladies Finals will be played simultaneously on the same green.
A listing of
past Winners & Runners-Up recorded up to and including 2019 can be viewed by clicking here.

Each competition will be run by a Competition Secretary who will be appointed each season by the S&DBA.
All communications with entrant clubs will be conducted through the applicable Past Times Competition Secretary,
and will be exclusively by e-mail.    It is therefore essential that each season all entrant clubs provide the S&DBA on their completed entry form with at least 2 reliable club e-mail contacts via whom e-mail correspondence will be routed.
the competition draw sheets will be regularly posted on this web page.

The competitions are run as separate Men's and Ladies knockout competitions played between club teams each comprising one rink of 4 players playing at 'Home' and one rink of 4 players playing 'Away'
in each match, the combined 'Home' and 'Away' shots total to determine the match winners.

All S&DBA affiliated clubs plus those non-affiliated clubs that have entered these competitions in the past are eligible to enter these competitions. 
  Clubs in the same general local areas as those that have traditionally entered these competitions are also welcome to apply to enter.
Entrants are not limited to the geographical limit governing the eligibility of clubs to affiliate to the S&DBA (i.e. not limited to within a 7-mile radius of Sutton rail station).


Downloadable and printable copies of the Draw Sheet for Men's and Ladies competitions are posted below on this page.

After completion of each round the updated competition Draw Sheets and Club Contacts List will be e-mailed to each club's nominated club contacts and will also be posted here.

Downloadable and printable copies of the Club Contacts List are posted on the 'Admin' page of this website which is password protected and is accessible to to S&DBA Officers and affiliated club Hon Sec's and Delegates only.

2019 Men's Past Times Draw Sheet, PG3a.pdf 2019 Men's Past Times Draw Sheet, PG3a.pdf
Size : 30.945 Kb
Type : pdf
2019 Ladies Past Times Draw Sheet, PG4b.pdf 2019 Ladies Past Times Draw Sheet, PG4b.pdf
Size : 19.688 Kb
Type : pdf

The competitions shall be played in accordance with the rules defined in the following downloadable and printable document :